“Midnight Woods” by Ellen

14 x 24 Original Oil Painting

The dark mystical clouds speak of the night, whispering to those who walk the foggy trails at midnight. The deep prussian blue and midnight black make this oil rich and full of different tones.

This painting is available for purchase. Drop me a note if you are interested and always Thank you for admiring our art 🙂

Artist: Ellen

Happy Creating!


“Blood River” by Kris








16 x 20 original oil on canvas
This stunning Red River is an amazing portrayal of the depths your mind can take you. Listen to the silence of the birch trees as the crimson river flows by.  This is one of our favorite pieces.

We will custom frame this Oil Painting if you desire. Please drop us a message and we will work out the cost.

If you would like this shipped outside of the United States, please contact us and we will calculate shipping.

Thank you for admiring our art!

Artist:  Kris

No Wall space! :)

Ok we officially have no wall space left in our living room! And that isn’t even all of them 🙂 We have them hanging in our bedroom also. So needless to say that our complete collection is individually priced and for sale. We are still painting each week and our walls all available ledges are filled with paintings. 😀

























That is only the living room…and I even forgot a wall! 🙂 Hope you enjoy our art. We love all our followers and would like to thank you for being part of our art gallery!

Happy creating!

~Kris and Ellen~