~Butterfly & Flower~

One of my recent doodles. I hadn’t drawn in a long time so I was playing with what I know best…chalk and pencil. It is the medium that feels the most natural in my hand, and also one that I can pick up and do at almost any time.  I love drawing, and find a great release of creativity when I have a pencil in my hand a blank piece of paper in front of me.

Happy creating!!



Twisted Faces of Beauty

Local art Drawings

Abstract pencil drawing

Drawings Pencil

This was my first go at drawing on Canvas Paper. I have to say I loved the way the pencils moved and the textures that were created. Not my last one on this medium that’s for sure. đŸ™‚

Let me know your thoughts! I welcome them all. I will be giving a go at Animated drawing as soon as I unpack my pencils.

Happy Creating everyone! May your pencils be sharp, your brushes full of paint and your paper and canvas be plentiful.