The Bathroom is finally Done!

Okay I know this isn’t a post about paintings but I wanted to share the some pictures of our remodelled bathroom. We (mostly all my boyfriend) have been working on it since May of this year. It was a struggle at times and very exhausting but WOW the results were fantastic. He got to shower in it this morning and didn’t have to hike ALL the way upstairs! 🙂

A Detailed house has been waiting to see the results so this is for you!

Okay so here are the before pictures

Here is the demolition

….Drumroll…The finished Bathroom!!

Over 3/4th of the bathroom is tiled! 🙂 It was amazing to see it all come together and watch how amazing Kris is at carpentry, tiling, electrician work, and all the other wonderful trades to learn when remodeling a bathroom. 🙂

All I can say is that if you think the project is to big…just roll up your sleeves and say BRING IT ON! 🙂 You can do it. google and you tube know a lot!

Happy creating everyone!

~Ellen & Kris







“To reach the mysteries within ones soul, the beauty passions and desires, is to embrace that soul pressing it into your own giving it that soul the one thing it desires most….acceptance in the most complete form.”

~Happy Fourth Everyone~

~Midnight Travellers Art

I love this Post!


Have you ever seen a koala get shocked? I get this picture from my friend. Unfortunately, my friend didn’t know whether the koala get shocked because his camera or not? Maybe this koala was stealing leaves in my friend’s backyard and get shocked because my friend caught he was stealing with a strong evidence of leaves in his hand and inside his mouth 🙂

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“Destination of your Own” by Ellen

8 x 18 Oil painting

This particular piece spoke to me with its soft pink skies and dense forest. Walk the path into the unknown and not care where it leads. Embrace the fog at your feet, and breathe in the liquid vapor surrounding you.

If you are interested in this piece please drop me a note 🙂

Thank you for looking at my art!

Artist: Ellen